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1. The website https://sectecon.ro/ belongs to the company Sectecon SRL, CIF 40324073, J23/6044/2018, Str. Apeductului 2D/1, Rosu, Romania.

2. Descriptions and any services, products, technologies, and solutions are strictly informative, not commercially binding, and may undergo changes without prior notification to visitors. Sectecon disclaims any responsibility for the misunderstanding of the information hosted on the website.

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11. According to the legislation in force, the visitor or user has the right to request deletion from the database, as long as there is no legal/contractual basis for keeping their personal data.

12. For erasing data, send an email with an unsubscribe request to office@sectecon.ro or call us at +40749082009. Any request in this regard will be resolved within a maximum of 48 hours from receipt.