Network Infrastructure

Sectecon  provides  consultancy, implementation, development, and post implementation support services. Solutions provided are pretested , which allows for the replication of the various customer scenarios and configurations.

Our experience and partnership with renowned vendors allow us to provide modern, high-speed data network solution. We provide both passive equipment and active equipment (switches and routers), and provide installation/ configuration of delivered equipments.


Information Security

Security is a key-element in all solutions provided for our clients. Security solutions are designed for protecting information transferred through the customer network and can be employed on several infrastructure levels, depending on the  budged and the estimated value of the confidential data.

Sectecon delivers multi-vendor integrated security solutions that can provide the best protection before, during and after an attack.

Security solutions we can deliver to our clients are classified into several categories:

  • Advanced Threat Protection  (user and network advanced malware protection, zero-day-protection)
  • Security and Communication Solution (NGFW, IPS, Email gateway, Web Proxy, Load-Balancing , WAF and Network Access Control Solutions)

Datacenter Infrastructure

Sectecon specialists  possesses solid experience in the full implementation of datacenter projects.  We work together with known producers in order to deliver complete, integrated and consolidated Data Centre-type solutions. We are able to provide consultancy, design and in order to  migrate  to modern Data Center architectures.

Datacenter solutions we can deliver are classified into several categories:

  • Hardware infrastructure(networking, servers, storage)
  • Backup and Recovery solutions